Van Lodostov Family Circus

What's more fun than watching the circus? Being in it! The Van Lodostov Family Circus offers it's troupers the best equipment and coaches available to try some circus skills and display them in a circus show with all the costumes, music, thrills and spills of a big circus. Open to students aged 8 - 62 (that's the oldest kid so far, at least) our goal is to empower and inspire students to pursue skills and personal growth on their own after we leave.

The Van Lodostov Family Circus is on the road from June to September with occasional appearances for corporate events and intense circus workshops in the meantime. Coaches in the Van Lodostov Family Circus have come from all over the world and many famous circuses: Ringling, Cirque du Soleil, Jaeger, Moscow Circus, Big Apple, and Circus Smirkus alums come to mind. We offer our students opportunities to try virtually all circus arts (depending on the coaches): juggling, diabolo, devil sticks, plate spinning, unicycling, clowning, tumbling, Spanish web, static trap, contortion, equilibristics, rola bola, stilts, tight wire, and rolling globe are always offered; we are also equipped to offer Chinese Pole, Straps, Bungee, Tissues, Lyra, Mini-tramp, Swinging Trap, Teeterboard, Banquine, and cloud swing.

Our strength is in offering two-week programs culminating in a show featuring the troupers and all their new skills. We have also offered in-school residencies lasting 1 week and ending with a small show featuring a select class from the school.

The emphasis of the program is that students can work hard and have fun at the same time. We offer a safe, non-competitive environment for kids (of all ages) to explore their limits and discover how much they CAN do.

All coaches for the Van Lodostov Circus have been (or are currently) professional circus performers, and they have also shown an interest/talent for working with students. We've had the great good fortune to be joined by some of the circus world's most gifted teachers, and we hope to continue to offer these special teachers and their lucky students the chance to work together throughout the summers.

Van Lodostov Exchange with Circus Zambia, February 2016