Accolades & Reviews

October 10, 2023

"The Slapstick Science show was amazing! Dr. Quark engaged Tobin Montessori students in high level science content through humor, movement and hands-on experiences. The show creates a high level of controlled excitement and the audience is actively engaged from start to finish. Student and staff volunteers help create a personalized, meaningful show that the students will remember for a lifetime. I know that when students are faced with science problems that require knowledge about ENERGY they will draw on these visual memories to guide them! It is hard to forget their teacher being hoisted into the air or their classmate lifting 13 students with a lever. This is one show that is worth taking students out of class for!"

- Jaime Frost, Principal of Tobin Montessori School

"Dear Dr. Quark: Thank you for a great program. As an administrator, one is often concerned with students missing class to be entertained. Your program WAS class! Great instruction embedded in highly memorable and meaningful antics. The differentiation in instructional presentation and complexity between the two shows was terrific. ALL students could understand the science concepts and enjoy the mental challenge of the concepts at an appropriate level."

- Kathleen Sheehy, Principal, Booth Hill School

"I wanted to thank you once again for the two outstanding assemblies that you gave yesterday at our school. The children were talking about energy all day. I commend you on your wonderful ability to excite and inspire students to think about the physics lessons you presented long after the presentation has ended. You are also a whiz at crowd control - a very special art in itself! We loved the way(s) you kept your young audience mannerly and involved. I am still entertaining a whole slew of positive feedback from faculty members and students who really enjoyed your show. You are a real treat, Dr. Quark, and I'm so happy we were finally able to connect and get a booking."

- Laurie Selden, PTA President, Wm. E. Deluca Elementary School

"I found your performance had a broad appeal to those who learn aurally, kinesthetically and visually..."

- Patrick Wemitt, Principal, Catskill Elementary School

"This was the smartest, funniest, best assembly we've ever had; and we've had the good fortune to host MANY excellent assemblies."

- Ella Reiss Urdang, Principal, Smith School

"Your presentation was dynamic, informative, and well-received by our students. (I don't know who that naive guy was who volunteered to be lifted off his feet to the ceiling - HA-HA). Thanks for your great 'effort'."

- Mr. Stephen Polidore, Principal, Tanglewood Elementary School, Glens Falls, NY

"Chemistry is FUN! Thank you for the experiments."

- Katie, 1st grader in Ogdensburg, NY

"Dear PTA; My class has just returned from possibly the BEST assembly they have ever had the opportunity to attend. And that applies to me, too! Dr. Quinton Quark's Slapstick Science was both highly entertaining and educational. As a follow-up activity, we just listed some things they learned (or relearned) this afternoon. The scientific concepts they explained were wonderful. I don't think I'll ever be able to teach a unit on simple machines without seeing (in my head) Mr. Viall being lifted by Sarah C. and a pulley. Our Fourth Graders will be taking the Science Program Evaluation Test soon. This was definitely an integral part of their review. Thank you, once again, for providing such a great educational 'extra' for our students."

- Marie Montone

"Thanks for making science so much fun and applicable to our daily lives with young children! Hope to see you next year!"

- Mrs. Wilson, Kindergarten teacher, Potsdam, NY

"Dear Dr. Quark; Thank you for teaching us about wonderful world of chemistry. We really enjoyed your show. Please visit Sherman again! You get an 'A+' for the day!"

- Your future scientists: Jacques, Christian, Nathan, Cyndee, Janelle, Katie, Makenzie, Jordan, Emily, Elaini, Jeremy, Sean, Alexander, Megan, Beth, and Trey (Mrs. Wilson's class) Sherman School, Ogdensburg, NY

September 25, 2022

“You were awesome! You set the building ablaze with delight all week. The little ones keep asking, "Mr. Gross. Remember when you were up in the air?" It's adorable!

And here’s the letter we sent to the PTO:

"Thank you for generously supporting our first assembly of the year with two incredibly successful showings of Ted Lawrence’s Dr. Quinton Quark, Slapstick Science presentation for our K-4 and fifth through eighth-grade students. The shows were massive hits with students and staff alike! With smiles abound, kids of all ages were captivated by Ted’s humor, science knowledge, and pedagogical showmanship. The PTO’s gift to our Rutland Town Chargers–big and small–was a real treat. Thank you!"

- Eric Gross, Assistant Principal, Rutland Town School