About Us

Slapstick Science is a cottage industry run from Ted's Net Zero Energy house in Vermont. What started as an experiment in getting potential scientists excited about science more than two decades ago has grown into a spectacular, full-time educational adventure for youngsters everywhere. We cover schools as far south as Philly, as far north as Maine, and as far west as Syracuse. And we'll go to the ends of the earth to inspire new scientists if asked! If you think your students would enjoy a thrilling science program, talk to us.

Ted Lawrence

Ted Lawrence is the grunt who drives Dr. Quark's props all over New England (about 1,000 miles per week) and schleps those props in and out of schools everyday. Ted is also the director, designer, builder and rigger of the Van Lodostov Family Circus.

Born to teach, Ted was certified to teach chemistry, physics, and math after majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Vermont. Prior to completing his B.S., Ted started teaching mime, clowning, juggling, wire walking, and stilts to neighborhood kids during the summer. He graduated from the Ringling Clown College in '86, toured with the circus for two years, and was honored to return to Clown College in '94 as a member of their faculty.

Upon leaving the circus, Ted undertook a short-lived (5 year) classroom teaching career where he found himself teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics, Algebra, and Physical Science in Maine, Connecticut, and Virginia. In each of these schools, while he was there, the students also had the opportunity to join an extra-curricular Circus Club. Eventually and inevitably the melding of circus and science lead to the birth of Slapstick Science. Ted's strengths in circus skills are acrobatics, pass juggling, unicycling, wire work, and equilibristics, but anything that permits him to fly is worth trying. He unicycles about 6 miles per week, and loves skiing, rock climbing, and kayaking.